Mission Statement & More

First of all, I am not a spokesperson for any 12-Step program. I want to use my own unique voice to carry the beautiful and simple message contained in the first 164 pages of the book, Alcoholics Anonymous. This message absolutely set me free once it was explained to me by a man who decoded the book by studying it in a non-linear fashion, by subject, and not by chapter or step. While the message, as I now understand it, is simply no more than what is written in the book, it escaped me entirely for the first two and a half years I was sober. Misunderstanding is common. In short, the original message has become accidentally garbled and twisted.

The purpose of my podcast is to share my understanding with as many people as possible. It’s actually very serious in its delivery, as opposed to the books, which are really parodies designed to inspire big laughs and deep thoughts.

The hope with The Sarcastic Big Book, is that people will laugh, become inspired by its complete ridiculousness, and therefore re-evaluate the actual “Big Book.”

Sarcastic Daily Meditations may be even more to my point. While most of it is not directly related to alcoholism, this book contains a vast array of things I’ve learned as they pertain to spiritual principles in general – above all, getting rid of selfishness and self-centeredness. All delivered in a siding-with-the-negative fashion, which I’ve personally found to be way more effective than just saying what everyone has already heard again and again.

I noticed years ago that translating the book for people through the use of my sarcastic humor was sometimes immensely helpful. “Take your time doing your inventory,” I would say to a sponsee, “I think the book says that.” Often, that actually fired them up, inspiring them to get to work. My books are merely extensions of this idea.

I have been a member of Alcoholics Anonymous since 1989. I am deeply grateful, and I know that what I do for my sobriety today is the only thing that counts. According to our beloved original text, my alcoholism is currently in an arrested state. But that can change should I not continue to try and perfect and enlarge my spiritual life. – “Clay F”