12/9/20: The SECOND, EXPANDED EDITION of THE SARCASTIC BIG BOOK is now available here.

This website features the works of the anonymous writer of the books, The Sarcastic Big Book, Sarcastic Daily Meditations, and The First Two Columns of a Fourth Step: 365 Daily Affirmations That Won’t Help You One Bit. All three are available on paperback and for Kindle on Amazon. “The Sarcastic Big Book’ is also available as an audiobook.

The pseudonym used, “Clay F”, stands for “feet of clay”, meaning, without God I am nothing.

11/21/20 – The First Two Columns of a Fourth Step: 365 Daily Affirmations That Won’t Help You One Bit is now available on Amazon.

The books come from a loving and helpful spirit, and its author has been guilty of everything the books contain. They aim to bring levity as well as provoke thought, as an inverted message often galvanizes the one that’s actually true.

2/22/20 – Sarcastic Daily Meditations now available on Amazon.

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We are a diminishing group of men and women whose amazing experience actually resembles the incredible experience described in the original “Big Book.”  To show other alcoholics, through the heavy use of sarcasm, precisely how far away from that message we have strayed is the main purpose of this book.

For them, we hope these pages will effectively point out the absolute ridiculousness of much of what is commonly spoken, taught, and accepted in the world of recovery today, thus inspiring a reevaluation of the actual “Big Book”.  What is written here may be found offensive to some. And maybe it should be – because these pages contain nothing but a sadly accurate description of exactly what has been constantly reflected back to its author for several decades.” 

The ebook is available for purchase on Kindle and you can buy the paperback on Amazon